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FMSLogo Working With BitMaps


Overview This section provides some geral points about the way in which FMSLogo manages bitmaps. It also outlines some of the key differences between simple bitmaps and bitmapped turtles, as well as some of the limitations.
Saving, loading, editing and printing screens.

Picture for worksheet

Sample Procedure with Startup

Use of Bitmap menu; BITLOAD commands etc. Create pictures with Paint and load.

Sampel file includes STARTUP to load procedure automatically..

Using Bitmaps (1):

Part 1 - The Basics

Sample image file: ArtTurtle.zip

An introduction to the use of bitmap images

Using Bitmaps (2):

Part 2 - Animation with multiple images

Sample mages for this workbook: World.zip

This workbook covers the use of some of the bitmap commands for managing multiple images. The exercise uses a set of 19 images of the earth to create an animation of a spinning globe.
Using Bitmaps (3):

Part 3 - Bitmapped Turtles
Bulding on the previous workbook this one shows how to attach bitmaps to Turtles. Some knowledge about using mutiuple turtles is an advantage (see here).
Player 1 (Static) Covering similar ground to Part 2 above but in a slightly different way. Three procedures to make a simple 'media player '. This is the 'static' version.
Player 2 (Dynamic) Covering similar ground to Part 2 above. Three procedures to make an animation that moves around the screen. This is the 'dynamic' version.
Player 3 (Blocks) A third version of the player procedreus that allows selected subsets of images to be played.
Project: Snail Races Uses bitmapped Turtles to make a simple racing games

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