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FMSLogo Help Sheets




Using colour This information sheet is usefully given out with the Basic Commands sheet at the beginning of the sessions. Students have fun playing around with colours. Add these params to the startup line in the Logo shortcut:
         -w 1024 -h 1280
This will adjust the size of the Turtle graphics screen.
Glossary of coordinate procedures

Blank grid for planning coordinate pictures

Just useful information here for anyone wanting to explore Cartesian co-ordinates in Logo. These are used in other projects and activities in this list so are worth knowing.

When running lots of procedures you don't need to see, BURY them. That way when you click Edall you only see the procedures you need to work on.

This is also good in the classroom to focus learners on particular tools and procedures.

See FMSLoog Help for
BURY, BURYALL, BURYNAME (and of course UNBURY etc.
STARTUP variable.

A very useful component in FMSLogo - allows autostarting of procedures on load; automatic loading of pictures etc.

Using bitmaps A set of short workbooks covering the use of bitmaps and bitmapped turtles.  
TURTLESTATE (incomplete) Croeso i Crwban Byd  


This is a short example illustrating the extended version of KEYBOARDON. (KEYBOARDON is used in the OKLogo and DRIVE projects).  

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