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FMSLOGO: Worksheets, information and projects

These links provide a set of worksheets and more extended workbooks that cover aspects of LOGO programming in FMSLogo.

The materials listed on these pages are not intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to Logo programming. A few of the ideas here are moderately original but as with most things in teaching and learning little is wholly new.

It's all about developing my own thinking and understanding so that I can guide others. There's some classic Logo problems (e.g. the House problem) and some further sources here and here.

Although all the material here is basically a library of worksheets and workbooks I am not putting forward a particular learning and teaching method. Learning from examples (or anchors) is an important foundation. The majoirty of what I have on this website has in some way been learned others or copied from others. One or two things are a little original (e.g. the Particles project) but I have littel to add to the already huge number sof good sources.

Some of these materials have been used in workshops with trainee teachers and Key Stage 3 school students.

A while ago I revised my sequencing of ideas in my introductions to Logo. Typically, I get a few hours (maybe 5 or 6) with small groups of undergraduates to cover Logo as a topic within the repertoire of ICT and learning. The change I have made is to introduce MAKE much earlier than before. Here's some short notes.

Note added Aug 2009: There are some signs that in ICT teaching though it may make some sort of 9come back. Scratch is being promoted a little in local secondary schools (Newport, South Wales) and through that the idea of intellectual development in a programming environment might catch on.

A number of these worksheets have not been fully tested and debugged. Please let me know if you find any errors.

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